How does Shield work?

According to Monika Wolaniuk D.O., family medicine specialist at Hackensack Meridian Medical Group:

Pin-shaped soap molecules have one end that bonds with water (the hydrophilic head) and the other end that bonds with oils and fats (the hydrophobic tail).

When you build up a soapy lather, the molecules help lift the dirt, oil and germs from your skin. Then, rinsing with clean water washes it all away.*

*Source: https://www.hackensackmeridianhealth.org/HealthU/2020/08/11/how-does-soap-work


Can Shield be used to clean and wash my face?

Yes it can, although you should be careful using soap near your eyes. If you get soap in your eye, you should rinse it thoroughly with clean, fresh water.


How long after opening can you use the product?

Shield can be used for up to 36 months from opening the pack.


Where can I buy Shield?

Shield is available to buy in all the major retailers. Find out here where to buy Shield.


Where is Shield made?

Shield is manufactured in Scotland, UK.


Does Shield have a claim to fame / well-kept secret?

In its early years, Shield TV advertising featured a young actor called Bryan Cranston, dressed as a skunk! A little while later, Mr Cranston went on to become better known as the inimitable Walter White in the global drama series, Breaking Bad. We’re pleased to have played a small part in helping him on his way to stardom!

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